Tooth extraction in Stamford

Tooth Extraction in Stamford

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A tooth extraction is not a treatment so much as it is an acknowledgment that treatment can no longer be successful. When your tooth has been decayed or damaged (cracked or fractured) beyond the ability to be restored, or an infection of abscess is past the point that root canal therapy is likely to be effective, that’s when you need our tooth extraction in Stamford. Here at McLeanSmiles, the procedure is performed with the greatest amount of comfort for you thanks to sufficient local anesthesia, and if desired, sedation.

It is typically the presence of a toothache that alerts you to the need for our tooth extraction in Stamford. That, along with other possible signs, such as sensitivity to hot and cold, tooth discoloration, gum tenderness, and swelling, mean you should get immediate attention. Our dentist will determine if treatment is a viable option, and if not then the removal of the tooth will be necessary. In most cases, this can be done right away, but if infection and swelling are too severe, you may need to take antibiotics first. Every tooth is different, and the time needing to take it out will depend on several factors, including where it is located. In addition, it is sometimes best to take a tooth out in pieces instead of all at once. Don’t worry, though. This is perfectly normal and won’t cause you any discomfort. After our tooth extraction in Stamford is completely out, you’ll be given instructions to follow at home. For example, during the first 24 hours, maintain a soft diet of foods you don’t have to chew. Use over-the-counter pain relievers as needed, and rinse frequently with warm salt water.

Any tooth pain or other symptoms should be given attention in a timely manner. Contact our office to arrange a prompt appointment.

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