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Dental plaque in Stamford

Here at McLean Smiles, there is nothing more important that working to maintain your optimal oral wellness. And doing that means focusing on dental plaque and its effects.

Dental plaque is a sticky, invisible film that is bacterial. Sugars and starches in your diet cause it to develop. Those foods and drinks are catalysts for plaque, so it makes sense to limit them to the extent you can. If you are familiar with the sensation of a coating on your teeth after a good sleep, you know what plaque feels like. So, what can you do about dental plaque and its potential consequences, especially tooth decay and gum disease? Our Stamford dentist office suggests beginning with brushing your teeth first thing each day, and then again last thing each night. Flossing should be done once per day, ideally right before you go to sleep. Dental plaque is stubborn and it doesn’t want to be removed. Any of it that sticks around will harden, becoming tartar. The same negative impact on your teeth and gums is caused by tartar, even if it’s more textured and crusty than in its plaque form. To remove it effectively, the only thing you can do is get a teeth cleaning. Two visits per year to our Stamford dentist is sufficient to eliminate your tartar buildup, along with any residual plaque. And when you consider that it’s responsible for cavities in your teeth, toothaches, infections, and loss of teeth, the benefits of a teeth cleaning become obvious. Your gums could become irritated, inflamed, and infected, as well. Loss of bone and gum tissue, and loose teeth are not uncommon, and that isn’t even mentioning unpleasant symptoms, including persistent bad breath.

Show plaque who’s the boss by scheduling your next oral examination and teeth cleaning at our Stamford dentist office. Why not contact us right now?

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