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Preventive care in Stamford

Stamford dental office
Stamford dental office

Just a bit of effort in the direction of prevention is far more effective in promoting your oral health than any treatment could manage to be. We are strongly focused on preventive care here at McLean Smiles. We’d rather help you avoid tooth decay and gum disease than to address the effects of them.

Prevention starts at home, of course. Be careful not to overdo your sugar intake because it fuels the production of dental plaque, the bacterial film that grows on teeth and at the gum line. By brushing your teeth upon waking each day, and again at night accompanied by a thorough flossing, most of the plaque that has formed will be removed. What remains, however, turns into tartar, a crusty, hardened form of plaque for which at-home oral hygiene is ineffective in eliminating. At our Stamford dental office, you can and should get a teeth cleaning done every six months. It’s the key to preventive care, leading to the eradication of your existing plaque and tartar, which then makes future cavities and gum disease less likely to occur. In addition, early stage gum disease, gingivitis, is reversed with a teeth cleaning from our Stamford dental office. As a result, gum disease will be prevented from progressing to advanced stage periodontitis, which among other things can mean inflammation and infection of your gums. When you break it all down, what becomes obvious is that the failure to give needed attention to preventive care is the beginning of the most alarming consequences that threaten your dental and periodontal wellness.

Although no one can give you a guarantee that you’ll never have another cavity or indications of gingivitis, there is absolutely no doubt at all that when you make the commitment to visit our Stamford dental office twice per year for vital preventive care, those problems will be unlikely to occur with any degree of frequency. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

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