06905 dental implants

06905 Dental Implants

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Dental implants in 06905

There are two basic components of our 06905 dental implants: a tooth that you can see, and a root that you cannot. Together, they form a reliable, long-lasting replacement for a tooth that you have lost. Turn to us at McLeanSmiles for expert placement of these full-tooth restorations.

For many years, fixed bridges and removable dentures were the only two choices you would have had to fill up the empty space where teeth used to be. And there’s nothing wrong with either, but they don’t have the benefits of real teeth. And since there was nothing that did offer that, people took what was available. Well times have certainly changed, because now our 06905 dental implants sit comfortably between your natural teeth, looking and feeling so much like them that you may end up forgetting that they are not your originals. Just as important is how they function like your other teeth. The reason this happens is because of the root, something that bridges and dentures do not have. Our 06905 dental implants begin by having our dentist surgically place the titanium post in your jaw. Your bone tissue grows around it and within a few months there is a complete fusion. Not only does this create a strong foundation for your tooth, but it allows you to retain your normal facial contours and keeps your bone and gum tissue from eroding. Then impressions taken are used by the dental lab to make your tooth-colored crown. Cemented to the top of the post, you then have a fully operational new tooth. Brush it, floss between it and your other teeth, and chew any foods you like with total confidence.

Are you a good candidate for implants? To get the necessary testing, just reach out to our office and book an appointment for a consultation and examination.

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